Nominative in German Grammar – Complete Declension Tables

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The nominative case (1. Fall or Wer-Fall in German) is the basic form of articles, adjectives, nouns, and pronouns. The subject of a sentence is always in the nominative case. We can find the nominative case by asking wer/was – Who/what is performing the action?

Master articles, adjectives, nouns and pronouns in their basic form with Lingolia’s complete tables for the nominative case. In the exercises, you can practise what you have learnt.

Table: Articles, Adjectives and Nouns in Nominative

definite article*

indefinite article, kein,
possessive determiner (mein…)

no article
masculine der nette Vater ein netter Vater netter Vater
feminine die nette Mutter eine nette Mutter nette Mutter
neuter das nette Kind ein nettes Kind nettes Kind
plural die netten Eltern meine netten Eltern nette Eltern

*Adjectives that come after the following words are declined exactly the same as after the definite article: derselbe, dieser, jener, mancher, solcher, welcher, alle.

Jeder gute Schüler muss im Unterricht aufpassen.Every good pupil must pay attention in class.
(but: Ein guter Schüler muss im Unterricht aufpassen.A good pupil must pay attention in class.)

Table: Pronouns in Nominative

possessive pronouns
possessive pronouns
masc. + neuterfem. + pluralmasculineneuterfem. + plural
1st person sing. ich mein meine meiner meins meine
2nd person sing. du dein deine deiner deins deine
3rd person sing. (m) er sein seine seiner seins seine
3rd person sing. (f) sie ihr ihre ihrer ihr(e)s ihre
3rd person sing. (n) es sein seine seiner seins seine
1st person plural wir unser unsere uns(e)rer unseres unsere
2nd person plural ihr euer eure eu(e)rer eures eure
3rd person plural sie ihr ihre ihrer ihr(e)s ihre