Deutsche Grammatik - einfach, kompakt und übersichtlich

The German version of our German Grammar, titled „Deutsche Grammatik - einfach, kompakt und übersichtlich“ is also available as a printed version in bookstores and on amazon. The book is written in easy German and therefore perfectly suitable for learners of German as a foreign language.

German Grammar as Paperback

  • author: Heike Pahlow
  • ISBN: 978-3-86268-012-2
  • pages: 136, DIN A5
  • publisher: Engelsdorfer Verlag, Leipzig
  • price: 9,95 € (D)

The book explains German grammar in a nutshell, but still contains all the important details that learners of German need to know. Illustrated examples ease up the learning and help remember the rules.

Various grammar topics are summarised in tables and there is also a glossary explaining German grammar terms.

Exercises and Tests on the Book

To practise German grammar, owners of the book can download a PDF with 140 exercises and several mixed tests for free on the website to the book. The exercises base on the topics and rules in the book. There are also mixed tests on related topics (tenses, verbs, nouns etc.).

Order book

You can order the book in international bookstores (ISBN) or online, for example on the following pages: