German Grammar with Rules and Interactive Exercises

Get to grips with German grammar

Subjekt Prädikat Objekt

German grammar can be a minefield: topics range from verb conjugation in all tenses, to the declension of nouns, articles, adjectives and pronouns in all four cases, through to prepositions, sentence structure and subordinate clauses.

But don’t worry, for each and every grammar topic Lingolia has a free article packed full of examples, along with one free interactive exercise where you can practise the basics.

If you want more practice, you can unlock over 1000 grammar exercises for levels A1–C1 with a Lingolia Plus German account.

Not sure what level you are? Or want some tips on where your weak areas lie? Take our free German level test to find out!

Like it or not, grammar is an essential (and unavoidable!) part of learning a language: it gives you the building blocks to express yourself confidently and accurately in your target language. So what are you waiting for? Start improving your German grammar with Lingolia!

German grammar topics on Lingolia

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