Apostrophes – Free Exercise

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Are the apostrophes correct or incorrect?

  1. Ich bin Autohändler. Ich verkaufe PKW's.Plural noun ending in s → no apostrophe (PKWs)I’m a car dealer. I sell cars.
  2. Dein Bruder hat sich versteckt? Schau mal unterm Bett nach.Preposition unter combined with the definite article dem → no apostropheIs your brother hiding? Look under the bed.
  3. Ich geh zum Nachbarn rüber.Abbreviated form of hinüber → no apostropheI’m going over to the neighbour’s house.
  4. Der Film soll gut sein. Es ist Kurts Lieblingsfilm.Possessive → no apostropheThe film is supposed to be good. It’s Kurt’s favourite film.
  5. Ich weiß nicht wo dein Kuli ist. Nimm halt nen anderen Stift.Abbreviated form of einen, slang → apostrophe (’nen)I don’t know where your pen is. Just use a different pen.
  6. Mir ist kalt. Ich gehe in's Haus.Preposition in combined with the definite article das → no apostrophe (ins)I’m cold. I’m going in the house.
  7. Willst du was Spannendes hören?Short form of etwas, readability not affected → no apostropheDo you want to hear something exciting?
  8. Komm bitte sofort her.Final e dropped from komme, readability not affected → no apostropheCome here right now.
  9. Wie war das Essen? Hats geschmeckt?Short form of es → the apostrophe is optionalHow was the food? Was it nice?
  10. Ist das Beatrixs Tasche? Possessive with a noun that ends in an s-sound (-x) → possessive with an apostrophe instead of s (Beatrix’ Tasche)Is that Beatrice’s bag?