In the Shoe Cupboard

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How many pairs of shoes is too many? Just kidding — you can never have enough shoes!

Learn to talk about shoes in German with our handy illustration and matching vocab list. Once you’ve found your feet, test yourself in the free exercises!

Das Schuhregal

  1. der Schuhshoe (die Schuhe)
  2. der Stiefelboot (die Stiefel)
  3. die Sandalesandal (die Sandalen)
  4. der Gummistiefelrain boot/wellies (die Gummistiefel)
  5. der Stöckelschuhhigh heels (die Stöckelschuhe)
  6. der Absatzheel (die Absätze)
  7. der Schnürsenkelshoelace (die Schnürsenkel)
  8. die Sockesock (die Socken)
  9. der Kniestrumpfknee-high sock (die Kniestrümpfe)
  10. die Strumpfhosetights (die Strumpfhosen)

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