Laundry Day

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It’s that time of the week again — laundry day!

Learn to talk about clothes in German using the illustration below, then put your knowledge to the test in the free exercises.

Der Waschtag

  1. der Badeanzugswimming costume (die Badeanzüge)
  2. der Bikinibikini (die Bikinis)
  3. die kurze Hoseshorts (die kurzen Hosen)
  4. der Rockskirt (die Röcke)
  5. das T-ShirtT-shirt (die T-Shirts)
  6. die Unterhoseunderwear (die Unterhosen)
  7. das Unterhemdvest (die Unterhemden)
  8. die Hosentaschepocket (die Hosentaschen)
  9. der Hosenträgerbraces (die Hosenträger)
  10. die Badehoseswimming trunks (die Badehosen)

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