Wedding Anniversary

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Got a special occasion coming up and need to look your best? These ten German words will come in handy!

Learn the vocabulary list with the help of the colourful image then test yourself in the interactive exercises.

Der Hochzeitstag

  1. das Kleiddress (die Kleider)
  2. das Hemdshirt (die Hemden)
  3. die Krawattetie (die Krawatten)
  4. das Jackettjacket (die Jacketts, die Jackette)
  5. die Westewaistcoat (die Westen)
  6. die Kettenecklace (die Ketten)
  7. das Armbandbracelet (die Armbänder)
  8. der Ringring (die Ringe)
  9. der Knopfbutton (die Knöpfe)
  10. der Ohrringearring (die Ohrringe)

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