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Halloween is celebrated on 31st October im many places around the world.

This page will teach you ten spooky words to talk about Halloween in German. Memorise the vocab using the colourful image, then test yourself in the free interactive exercises.


  1. die Fledermausbat (die Fledermäuse)
  2. die Hexewitch (die Hexen)
  3. der Zaubererwizard (die Zauberer)
  4. der Sargcoffin (die Särge)
  5. das Gespenstghost (die Gespenster)
  6. das Monstermonster (die Monster)
  7. der Vampirvampire (die Vampire)
  8. die Mumiemummy (die Mumien)
  9. der Teufeldevil (die Teufel)
  10. der Werwolfwerewolf (die Werwölfe)

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