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Brr … it’s getting cold! Learn to talk about winter in German with our handy vocabulary list.

Memorise these ten German words related to winter using the colourful image, then test yourself in the free interactive exercises.

Der Winter

  1. der Schneemannsnowman (die Schneemänner)
  2. der Schlittensled (die Schlitten)
  3. der Eiszapfenicicle (die Eiszapfen)
  4. der Schneesnow (no plural)
  5. der Schneeballsnowball (die Schneebälle)
  6. der Sesselliftchairlift/ski lift (die Sessellifte/Sessellifts)
  7. der Schlittschuhice skate (die Schlittschuhe)
  8. das Snowboardsnowboard (die Snowboards)
  9. der Eisbärpolar bear (die Eisbären)
  10. der Skiski (die Skier/Ski)

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