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Do you love the Bundesliga but find it difficult to follow the German commentary? Then you’re on the right page!

Our vocab list will teach you ten essential German words related to football. Memorise the vocab using the colourful image then test yourself in the free interactive exercises.


  1. der Fußballfootball (die Fußbälle)
  2. das Torgoal (die Tore)
  3. der Torwartgoalkeeper, goalie (die Torwarte)
  4. der Verteidigerdefender (die Verteidiger)
  5. der Stürmerforward (die Stürmer)
  6. die Pfeifewhistle (die Pfeifen)
  7. die rote Kartered card (die roten Karten)
  8. der Elfmeterpunktpenalty spot (die Elfmeterpunkte)
  9. der Pokalcup (die Pokale)
  10. der Strafraumpenalty area (die Strafräume)