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Planning on doing some sightseeing in a German-speaking country? Then you’re off to a great start!

This page will teach you ten key words to help you understand tour guides on your next trip.

Memorise the vocab using the colourful image then put your knowledge to the test in the free interactive exercises.

Die Stadtbesichtigung

  1. das Fernglasbinoculars (die Ferngläser)
  2. die Kamera/der Fotoapparatcamera (die Kameras|die Fotoapparate)
  3. der Reiseleiterguide (die Reiseleiter)
    feminin: die Reiseleiterin (die Reiseleiterinnen)
  4. der Rucksackrucksack/backpack (die Rucksäcke)
  5. das Schlosscastle (die Schlösser)
  6. die Ruineruin (die Ruinen)
  7. der Wegweisersignpost (die Wegweiser)
  8. die Statuestatue (die Statuen)
  9. der Stadtplanmap (die Stadtpläne)
  10. der Campingplatzcampsite (die Campingplätze)

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