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Der Kopf

  1. das Haarhair (die Haare)
  2. die Stirnforehead (die Stirnen)
  3. das Augeeye (die Augen)
  4. die Wangecheek (die Wangen)
  5. der Mundmouth (die Münder)
  6. die Nasenose (die Nasen)
  7. das Ohrear (die Ohren)
  8. das Grübchendimple (die Grübchen)
  9. das Kinnchin (die Kinne)
  10. der Bartbeard (die Bärte)

Haar or Haare

Das Haar has two meanings in German: it can mean an individual hair or all of the hair on a head. The plural die Haare can mean either the hair on a head or multiple individual hairs.

In meiner Suppe schwimmt ein Haar. Nein, es sind sogar zwei Haare. There is a hair in my soup. No, there are actually two hairs.
Katrin hat langes dunkles Haar. = Katrin hat lange dunkle Haare. Katrin has long dark hair.

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