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Christmas in Germany is the most wonderful time of the year. Mulled wine, cookies, decorations and Christmas markets, what’s not to love?

Learn to talk about Christmas in German with our handy vocab list. Memorise the words using the colourful image then test yourself in the free interactive exercises.


  1. der Weihnachtsbaum/ChristbaumChristmas tree (die ~bäume)
  2. die Weihnachtskugel/Christbaumkugelornament (die ~kugeln)
  3. der WeihnachtsmannFather Christmas/Santa Claus (die ~männer)
  4. der Nussknackernutcracker (die Nussknacker)
  5. der Engelangel (die Engel)
  6. der Weihnachtskranz/Adventskranzwreath (die ~kränze)
  7. der Kaminchimney/fireplace (die Kamine)
  8. die LichterketteChristmas lights (die Lichterketten)
  9. die WeihnachtskarteChristmas card (die ~karten)
  10. das Weihnachtsgeschenkpresent (die ~geschenke)