Building Site

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Do you know the names of the tools in German? What about the different vehicles you can find on the building site?

Our vocab list will teach you ten German words related to building and construction. Memorise the vocab using the colourful image then test yourself in the free interactive exercises.

Auf der Baustelle

  1. der Krancrane (die Kräne/Krane)
  2. der Baggerdigger (die Bagger)
  3. der Kipplasterdumper truck (die Kipplaster)
  4. die Absperrungbarrier (die Absperrungen)
  5. das Rohrpipe (die Rohre)
  6. der Bauarbeiterconstruction worker (die Bauarbeiter)
    feminine: die Bauarbeiterin (die Bauarbeiterinnen)
  7. der Betonmischerconcrete mixer (die Betonmischer)
  8. der Ziegelsteinbrick (die Ziegelsteine)
  9. die Maurerkelletrowel (die Maurerkellen)
  10. der Helmhelmet (die Helme)