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The air is crisp, the leaves are golden and the apples are ripe. Autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons and our handy vocab list will teach you how to talk about it in German.

Memorise the ten words using the colourful image, then test yourself in the free interactive exercises.

Der Herbst

  1. der Drachenkite (die Drachen)
  2. das Eichhörnchensquirrel (die Eichhörnchen)
  3. das Laubfoliage (no plural)
  4. der Laubbesenrake (die Laubbesen)
  5. der Kürbispumpkin (die Kürbisse)
  6. die Weintraubebunch of grapes (die Weintrauben)
  7. der Maiscorn (no plural)
  8. die Pfützepuddle (die Pfützen)
  9. der Igelhedgehog (die Igel)
  10. der Regenschirmumbrella (die Regenschirme)

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