By the Campfire

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A cosy campfire and the great outdoors — what could be better?

Learn to talk about delicious camping snacks in German with our handy vocab list and matching illustration. Put your knowledge to the test in the free exercises, then you’ll be ready to set up camp!

Das Lagerfeuer

  1. der Fischfish (die Fische)
  2. das Fleischmeat (no plural)
  3. die Wurstsausage (die Würste)
  4. die Limonadelemonade (die Limonaden)
  5. die Avocadoavocado (die Avocados)
  6. die Kartoffelpotato (die Kartoffeln)
  7. der Pilzmushroom (die Pilze)
  8. die Nudelpasta/noodles (die Nudeln)
  9. das Bierbeer (die Biere)
  10. der Weinwine (die Weine)


In German, the plural form die Würste only refers to individual whole sausages (like in the picture above).

When we want to talk about cold cuts, we only use the singular form die Wurst. See Breakfast for more information.