Parts of the Body (1)

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If you’re thinking about attending a fitness class in a German-speaking country, its a good idea to learn some relevant vocab to make sure you can follow instructions!

This page will teach you the different parts of the body in German. Memorise the vocab using the colourful image then test yourself in the free interactive exercises.

Your German will be fighting fit in no time!

Die Körperteile

  1. der Kopfhead (die Köpfe)
  2. die Handhand (die Hände)
  3. der Armarm (die Arme)
  4. die Brustchest (no plural)
  5. der Bauchstomach (die Bäuche)
  6. das Beinleg (die Beine)
  7. der Oberschenkelthigh (die Oberschenkel)
  8. das Knieknee (die Knie)
  9. der Rückenback (die Rücken)
  10. der Pobottom/bum (die Pos)

To Note

The German word Brust has two versions: one with a plural and one without. If we’re referring to the general chest area of both men and women, we use it only in the singular. We only use the plural form (die Brüste) in reference to a woman’s breasts (e.g. when we’re talking about breastfeeding babies).