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Already familiar with the basic German words for the face? Then you’re in the right place! This page will teach you ten advanced German words related to facial features.

Memorise the vocab using the colourful image then put your knowledge to the test in the free exercises.

Das Gesicht

  1. das Augenlideyelid (die Augenlider)
  2. die Augenbraueeyebrow (die Augenbrauen)
  3. die Wimpereyelash (die Wimpern)
  4. die Faltewrinkle (die Falten)
  5. das Nasenlochnostril (die Nasenlöcher)
  6. die Sommersprossefreckle (die Sommersprossen)
  7. die Oberlippetop lip (die Oberlippen)
  8. der Zahntooth (die Zähne)
  9. die Zungetongue (die Zungen)
  10. die Unterlippebottom lip (die Unterlippen)

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