Future – Free Exercise

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Free Exercise

Complete the gaps with the correct form of werden.

  1. ich  1st person singular → werdeI will
  2. du  2nd person singular → wirstyou will
  3. er/sie/es  3rd person singular → wirdhe/she/it will
  4. wir/sie  1st/3rd person plural → werdenwe shall/they will
  5. ihr  2nd person plural → werdetyou (pl. inf.) will

Use the words in brackets to make sentences in the future tense (Futur I).

  1. (die Verkäuferin/helfen/dir)  3rd person singular → wird + infinitiveThe saleswoman will help you.
  2. (ich/aufstehen/morgen/zeitig)  1st person singular → werde + infinitiveI’ll get up early tomorrow.
  3. (die Schüler/machen/wohl/eine Klassenfahrt)  3rd person plural → werden + infinitiveThe students will probably go on a class trip.
  4. (du/nicht/fahren/in den Urlaub)  2nd person singular → wirst + infinitiveYou won’t go on holiday.
  5. (ihr/nicht/bekommen/mehr Taschengeld)  2nd person plural → werdet + infinitiveYou won’t get any more pocket money.

Use the words in brackets to write questions in the future tense (Futur I).

  1. (es/regnen)  ?3rd person singular → wird + infinitiveIs it going to rain?
  2. (ihr/abholen/uns)  ?2nd person plural → werdet + infinitiveWill you pick us up?
  3. (wo/du/studieren)  ?2nd person singular → wirst + infinitiveWhere are you going to study?
  4. (was/er/sagen/dazu)  ?3rd person singular → wird + infinitiveWhat will he say about it?
  5. (wann/wir/wiedersehen/dich)  ?1st person plural → werden + infinitiveWhen will we see you again?