Relative Pronouns in German Grammar

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What is a Relativpronomen?

Relative pronouns (Relativpronomen) are small words that introduce relative clauses. They allow us to give more information about something in the first part of the sentence. Learn about relative pronouns in German grammar and practise using them in the nominative, accusative, dative and genitive with Lingolia’s online lesson and exercises.

Table of Relative Pronouns in German Grammar

The table provides an overview of masculine, feminine, neuter and plural relative pronouns in all four German cases.

nominative der/welcher die/welche das/welches die/welche
accusative den/welchen die/welche das/welches die/welche
dative dem/welchem der/welcher dem/welchem denen/welchen
genitive dessen deren dessen deren
Die Polizei sucht den Mann, der die Bank überfallen hat.The police are looking for the man who robbed the bank.
Das ist der Mann, dessen Hut weggeflogen ist.This is the man whose hat blew off.
Wer ist der Mann, dem wir begegnet sind?Who is the man that we met?
Der Mann, den wir gegrüßt haben, ist mein Lehrer.The man whom we greeted is my teacher.